Kris Lin's [ripple] Club House Club House

Kris Lin Illustrates The [ripple] Club House Club House

Kris Lin, the author of the highlighted project CLUB HOUSE:[RIPPLE] CLUB HOUSE by Kris Lin illustrates, This case is positioned to be a high-end club, where celebrities are expected to gather. The overall style is a new style of Orientalism based on the concept of [resort hotel in Southeast Asia]. Its functions include a lobby, bar, tea, video hall, VIP room, swimming pool, gym and dance studio and so on. Its interior space is very open, it has a very inclined roof, the ceilings are expected to show the feeling of wooden buildings of Southeast Asia, so the use of [Truss] in the ceiling design and integration of the lighting in the trussed ceilings, make the whole building full of harmony and a new Orientalism of Southeast Asian-style..

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